Module 1 Unit 2 I feel nervous when I speak Chinese speak Chinese 40pp.

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Unit 2 I feel nervous when I speak Chinese.

Ⅰ. 短语互译
1. 收到……的来信 2. 迫不及待做…… 3. 为……而感到骄傲 4. 考试成绩差 be get hear _________ to do. . .

5. 对……感到兴奋
6. as well 7. be afraid of


答案: 1. from
4. bad marks

2. can’t wait

3. proud of
6. 也 7. 害怕……

5. excited about

Ⅱ. 句型展示 1. 我希望当我到达机场时, 你可以通过我的照片认出我。 I hope you I arrive at the airport. me from my photo

2. 谢谢你告诉我你的爱好。
me about your hobbies. 答案: 1. will know; when 2. Thanks for telling

3. 听起来你就和我一样! You sound me!

4. 我花大量的时间和朋友们在学校演奏古典音乐。
I a lot of time classical music with my

friends at school. 5. 你对来中国感觉如何? do you 答案 : 3. just like coming 4. spend; playing to China? 5. How; feel about

Lead in
Talk about something about

your best friend.
1. What does she/he look like? 2. How does she/he feel when she/he…? 3. How about you?

She is thin
with long fair

She is thin

with short


She looks smart.

hair. She looks

She has short hair, and She is tall, and has short hair.

glasses. (眼镜)

Words and expressions
jeans nervous stranger message n. 牛仔裤(用复数) adj. 情绪不安的;紧张的 n. n. 陌生人 电子邮件;口信;信息 (头发)金色的;浅褐色的

hobby proud mark

n. adj. n.

感到自豪的;感到骄傲的 分数

—When do you feel…? —When I…

afraid angry excited nervous proud sad shy sorry stupid sure


Work in pairs. Look at the pictures and describe the girls. Use the words in the box to help you.

She’s tall with short hair. She looks friendly.
dark glasses jeans

long nervous old pretty short stranger tall young

Practice like this: A:---How does the first girl look?= /What does…look like? B:---She’s tall with long hair. C:---What is she like? D:---She’s /looks friendly/strict/nice /well-behaved/polite….


Read Sally’s email and find out which is her picture.

Why? Tell your reason.

The second picture is Sally. Because she is quite tall,

with short fair hair, and she
wears glasses.


Match the questions with the paragraphs.

1.What are your hobbies?

Para 3

2.How do you feel about coming to China?
3.What do you look like?

Para 4

Para 2


Answer the questions.

How does Sally feel when she … 1. gets bad marks at school? 2. leaves her mum and dad?

3. is with strangers?
4. speaks Chinese?

shy nervous sorry

5. does something wrong?

6. flies?


Language points

1. I spend a lot of time playing classical music with my friends at school. 我花大量的时间和朋友们在学校演奏古典音乐。 【自主领悟】

spend意为“花费”, 主语是人。其常用结构为: spend. . .
on sth. /(in) doing sth. “花费……在某事上/做某事”。例如: I spent two hours working out this maths problem. 我花费了两


【用法辨析】“花费”有所不同 (1) (2) + spend+ +pay+ / +for sth. + + +to do sth. +on sth. /(in) doing sth.

(3)sth. + cost+ (4)It takes+

①去年我花了一大笔钱买了一台新电脑。 I spent a lot of money a new computer last year.

I the shopkeeper 10 yuan the book. (build)this road. ③to build

③It took them three years 答案: ①on/buying ②paid; for

2. I enjoy sports as well, especially tennis.
我也喜欢体育运动, 尤其是网球。 【自主领悟】

as well意为“也”, 常用作状语, 常位于肯定句句末, 无需
用逗号与句子隔开。例如: I am going to London and my sister is going as well. 我要到伦敦去, 我妹妹也要去。




用于肯定句句尾, too前常有“, ”与句子隔开。例如: I like swimming and my sister likes swimming, too. 我喜 欢游泳, 我妹妹也喜欢。 置于行为动词前, 助动词、系动词后, 常用于书面语。 例如: We went to cinema last Sunday. The Whites also went. 上星期天, 我们去看电影了。怀特一家也去了。


用于否定句句尾, 前面常有“, ”与句子隔开。例如: Li either Ming doesn’t like hamburgers. I don’t like, either. 李 明不喜欢汉堡。我也不喜欢。

①I like listening to pop music, too. (改为同义句) I like listening to pop music .

Lucy doesn’t go to the party, ③我也是一名学生。 I 答案: ①as well a student. ②either ③am also .

3. I’m afraid of flying too. 我也害怕坐飞机。

【自主领悟】 be afraid of. . . 意为“害怕/担心……”, 后面接
名词、代词和动词的-ing形式。例如: Are you afraid of going out alone at night? 你晚上害怕单独出去吗?

【归纳拓展】be afraid的不同结构

(1)be afraid to do sth. 意为“由于害怕而不敢做某事”。例如:
The little girl is very shy so she is afraid to speak loudly in front of others. 这个小女孩很害羞, 所以她不敢在别人面前大 声讲话。 (2)be afraid +that从句意为“恐怕……; 担心……”, 常表示委

婉语气, 口语中that可省略。例如: I’m afraid that they won’t
come on time because of the heavy rain. 我担心由于大雨他们 不能按时来了。


①那个小女孩害怕狗, 因而她不敢养宠物狗。 The little girl the dog, so


have a pet dog.
you can’t smoke here.

答案: ①is afraid of; is afraid to

②I’m afraid

4. But I can’t tell you how excited I am about going to China!
但是我没法表达去中国的兴奋之情! 【自主领悟】

excited意为“感到兴奋的, 激动的”; 表示人的心理感受。
be/get excited about sth. /doing sth. 表示“对(做)某事感到兴 奋”。例如: I’m very excited about coming to Hong Kong! 我 对来香港感到非常兴奋!

【归纳拓展】 (1)excited的常用结构。 ①be excited to do sth. “对做……感到兴奋” ②be excited at sth. “对……感到兴奋” (2)excited与exciting的辨析。

excited exciting

作表语时, 其主语一般是人

“令人兴奋的”, 表示事物给人的感觉, 作表语
时, 其主语一般是物

【一言辨异】 The exciting news made them excited.


【活学活用】 ①The children were excited about (receive) their

答案: receiving ②—Have you ever seen the movie called Los Angeles 2011?

—Yes. I’m very
A. excited; exciting C. excited; excited

about the


B. exciting; excited D. exciting; exciting


Complete the passage with the correct form of the words in the box.

fair, hobby, mark, message, proud
fair hair. She Jenny is my classmate. She is pretty and has ______ marks at school. She has lots of _______ always gets good ______ hobbies like playing the piano and swimming. She is also in the school tennis team. She is good at everything. One day she sent me a message _________.She asked me to help her with her English homework because I am good at English. She wanted my help! proud of myself. I was ______

Ⅰ.用所给词的适当形式填空 inviting 1.Thank you for ________(invite) me to your birthday party. doing 2. I spend about one hour ______(do) my homework every day. tasty (taste) 3. I like healthy food. My mother often cooks me ______ food.

will visit (visit) Beijing in a few days. 4. I __________ 5. The players were very ________ excited (excite) when they heard
they had won the game.

Ⅱ.单项选择 1. I have never heard _____ Tom though I had written letters to him. A. from B. of C. in D. on 2. He has just told me ______ the good news. A. on B. in C. to D. about 3. Li Lei can ______ Japanese very well in my class. A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell 4. I haven’t seen the film; Lily hasn’t ,_____. A. as well B. too C. either D. also 5. The boy is very naughty; he often does_______. A. something wrong B. wrong something C. anything wrong D. wrong anything

Ⅰ. 用所给词的适当形式填空

1. Sam often wears a pair of
2. I got Tai. 3. I can’t wait Brazil.


(excite)when I climbed to the top of Mount

(watch)the 2014 World Cup in

4. Thanks for
5. I’m afraid of

(take)me to the movies.
(tell)her about this matter. 3. to watch 4. taking

答案: 1. glasses 2. excited

5. telling

Ⅱ. 单项选择 1. —Linda can play the piano.

—I can play
A. too 2. I haven’t heard him now. A. from; about C. from; with

B. neither C. either D. as well my son for months, so I’m worried

B. out; about D. about; from

3. When I A. arrive C. arrive at

the train station, I’ll call you. B. arrive in D. am arriving in his homework last Sunday. D. did

4. Daming spent lots of time A. do B. does

C. doing

5. We got good marks. Our teachers are
A. angry with C. friendly to B. proud of D. a bit sad at


Use the words to describe the two women.
dark fair glasses long old pretty short tall young carry wear

It's never too old to learn.


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